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Hello, we welcome you to our dental practice and we look forward to you, your family and friends becoming a part of our dental office family. Dr. Lawrence and his team are committed to making your visit to the office a relaxed and memorable experience. We take a holistic approach to dentistry because we believe that the oral cavity is only one part of the body’s unique and dynamic system.

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Jennifer Gordon Office Manager/Dental Assistant

Jennifer Gordon loves seeing crooked teeth transformed into a beautiful healthy smile. She also knows what an impact a beautiful smile can have on a person’s life. She’s worked in the dental field for 21 years, 15 of them at the office of Dr. Lawrence.

Her passion for the dental field began with her love for candy and the resulting time spent in the dentist office. “The great care they gave me made me think, ‘I could do this as a career and help people just like me,’” she says. She attended a co-op program in 11th grade and has enjoyed the field ever since, especially helping people overcome their dental fears. For Jenifer, it has been a pleasure to come to work everyday and see second and third generations of families treated in Dr. Lawrence’s office.

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Stephanie Luke Registered Dental Hygienist

Stephanie Luke views her work as more than a job; it’s also service. And she’s served in the dental field for 21 years. “It gives me great pleasure to know that I’ve played a part in educating people on the proper way to care for their oral and nutritional health, which will help them live longer and healthier lives” says Stephanie.

She decided to enter the dental field because she was looking for a way to serve people. “Dentistry does just that,” she says. “It’s a chance to create beautiful smiles and self-confidence in others.” Stephanie also sees her job at Dr. Lawrence’s office as an opportunity to keep up with the latest technology and trends in dentistry. “It is imperative that we as health care professionals keep up with modern technology in order to better serve our patients,” she says.

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Sheri Padgett Dental Assistant

Sheri Padgett has worked in the dental field for 13 years and loves each time she gets to see a patients look into the mirror after having cosmetic dental work done. “They are so happy,” she says. She also finds joy in easing people’s fears when they come in for what they think will be a painful procedure.

“Afterwards, they are like ‘is that it? It didn’t hurt at all’.” Her mechanical and organizational skills and ability to anticipate the next step are what drew her to the field of dentistry. Sheri’s interest in dentistry began early, as she herself had a lot of dental needs as a child and spent a lot of time in the dental chair. She still enjoys being in the dental office atmosphere. “We laugh all day. This is a comfortable office to work in,” she says.

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Joselyn Andino Appointment Coordinator/Dental Assistant

Joselyn Andino says what she like about working at this office is the Christian family environment that is developed by doctors, staff and patients. Helping change a patient’s perception of the dentist and restoring smiles inspires her daily.

She also enjoys working at this office because of the quality of dentistry with advanced technology that makes patients feel comfortable and pampered. Away from the office, Joselyn enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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Afiya Morrell Registered Dental Hygienist

Afiya has always loved to see people smile. That’s why she chose to be in the dental field—even from a young age—and has been a dental hygienist now for 6 years. “To me, a smile has always been a sign of happiness,” she said. That’s why she enjoys helping people become more comfortable and confident about their smiles.

According to Afiya, “Nothing changes a person’s confidence like a beautiful smile.” Committed to providing a positive impact in the lives of patients through quality dental care, Afiya also enjoys interacting with people. “I look forward to getting to know you and developing lasting friendships while you develop a beautiful smile,” she says. She says she finds plenty of opportunities to provide a high standard of care in a relaxed and comfortable environment while working with Dr. Lawrence and his staff.

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Rebecca Hyzer Registered Dental Hygienist

For Rebecca Hyzer, dentistry has been a platform to express not only her talents and interests, but also her love for people. She loves helping others have greater self-confidence, self-appreciation, total-body health and overall, a better quality of life. People are usually surprised to find that dentistry is actually Rebecca’s second career.

She entered the field as a backup plan to her jewelry career, but has worked in it now for over seven years. “Many patients have asked me if I’ve ever regretted establishing a career in dentistry instead of jewelry,” says Rebecca. “My answer is absolutely not!” Since graduating, she’s had the most amazing experiences that have increased her knowledge, education and appreciation of teeth, the body and life.

Rebecca loves dentistry “because it combines the science that I love and the intricate and detailed work with my hands that I so enjoy doing.” She feels blessed by the opportunities that colleagues and patients at Dr. Lawrence’s office have given her to grow professionally and as a person. “As Maya Angelou perfectly stated, ‘Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.’ Looking back, I couldn’t have chosen a more successful career.”