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Southfield Dentist Wendell Lawrence DDS

Dr. Wendell Lawrence is known for using an inventive approach to treating patients in his Southfield office. Unlike the old-fashioned general dentist, Dr. Lawrence — who focuses on cosmetic dentistry — applies a holistic method to patient treatment.

“We tend to focus on the holistic approach of treating the whole person, and we try and look at all the aspects of a patient’s overall health,” Dr. Lawrence says. “Every system in the body is related to other systems. Treating periodontal disease is an important part in the whole scheme of health.” That’s why improving a patient’s smile means more than just improving their appearance. “We focus on smile makeovers using metal-free crowns, veneers, lumineers, Zoom bleaching for whitening, invisalign, and dental implants.

We can improve smiles — and even bad breath,” says Dr. Lawrence, a graduate of the school of dentistry at Howard University. “However, our most important goal is to make certain our patients are in good health, beginning with the mouth.”

Patients and local media have taken note of Dr. Lawrence’s holistic approach. He has been interviewed for numerous publications and television broadcasts, and was featured on a PBS television program.

Finally, as part of his dedication to overall good health, Dr. Lawrence and his well-trained staff routinely partner with other physicians and health professionals to educate patients and the community during weekly nutrition classes.